Money worries during maternity leave forced me back to work early

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Gemma JohnsonIn the process of setting up MyFamilyClub I’ve had to put many presentations together and talk passionately about why I wanted to help parents in the UK to achieve a bit of breathing space around their finances.

After reading an article in The Sun about mums leaving their babies early due to money worries, it really hit home how important it is to be able to manage your money during maternity leave.

It still seems shocking that so many parents feel the squeeze once they start a family. The stats speak for themselves: 41% of new mums end up in debt during maternity leave while a further 56% say that they are not adequately prepared to survive on a reduced income while meeting the additional costs of a new baby.

During my pregnancies I daydreamed about my child’s future, our family’s future and all of the great adventures we would have together.

It was hard enough to sleep at night with another little person in my tummy without having the added stress of financial worries.

Yet there are thousands of women out there who are battling sleepless nights as the debt worries stack up because of maternity leave.

With my first child, my income went down to the £450 a month maternity allowance. I even had to ask my husband for money, which I found so degrading. He didn’t begrudge me anything but the process of being independent and then dependent really knocked my confidence.

I didn’t have any maternity leave during my second pregnancy, mainly due to setting up my business but also because of rising costs of living, uncertain economic times and providing for the child we already had.

I really feel for parents who have no choice but to go back to work during a time that is already a huge emotional rollercoaster.

I hope that MyFamilyClub can help make life that tiny bit easier, whether that’s through providing information on what you are entitled to, though our deals and offers, our financial how-to guides or through our community and experts. MyFamilyClub has been my passion for many years.  It is something born from my own experience and my desire to see mums supported during what should be the best times of their lives.