Mother’s Day hijacking

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Gemma JohnsonWhat are my plans this Mother’s Day? Well, I was planning on lording it around the house in a face mask, a bathrobe and my feet permanently elevated, piercing the air with shrieks of “peel my grapes husband” and “breakfast in bed? Don’t mind if I do”!

That was until my mother, my nanny and her partner, one of my brothers, my auntie and my cousin decided to tackle our garden (we recently moved) to get it ready for growing vegetables.

So bye, bye day off and hello full house! I have already received orders from my mum to crack on and hire a rotavator (a what-o-vator?) to rip up the garden, and I am gearing up to ‘rustling up’ two meals for 10 people and catering to every whim.

Gaaaaaah! Alright, I’ll stop with the sympathy act! I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is nothing quite like having three generations in one place, it makes our house a happy, joyous place to be; full of laughter and the kids showing off in true cheeky style.

I am sure there will be sporadic bursts of the kids shouting “Nakie, Nakie” and stripping off, which always brings a smile to my face, hidden underneath the pretend look of shock/horror.

Another big plus of having my family over is of course, the excuse to eat far too much and indulge in all the soaps. “Oh nanny, yes of course you want to watch Eastenders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale back to back, here, let me put the telly on and sit with you to keep you company.”

I have always loved Mother’s Day, probably because I was always such a handful and it was the one day I could tell my mum how much I loved her whilst reminding myself how much I took my mum for granted.

Mum, well, she’s just my mum. It never occurred to me before I had my children that she was her own woman, with her own hopes, dreams and fears. I knew she always put us children first but now I truly understand the sacrifices she made to maintain a balance for her children, to keep them safe, to support them through difficult times whilst allowing them to make mistakes (and oh boy, I have made some big ones… Like, erm, running away to Brazil at 17 – a story for another day, methinks), and to work tirelessly through exhaustion to keep the household running.

I’ll be the first to admit that in my life before children, I found it difficult to come last. Through my twenties, I suppose I could be accused of being a pretty selfish young lady in general but then along came Spaghetti Legs and Afro Baby in my 30’s and they shook my world upside down and pushed me down the ranks to last place.

In all honesty, it’s a place I welcome being, even when the going gets tough and I am exhausted. I love putting my kids first, I love making sacrifices as it reminds me that the decisions I make are for the benefit of our little unit and that foundations I lay down now are for our future rather than just mine. Call me soppy if you like, but being a mum, being on the receiving end of the bunch of flowers and little homemade cards makes my heart swell.

So, to all you mums out there. Have a wonderful, fantabulous, gorgeous day! Enjoy being spoilt, put your feet up and recharge. When no one is looking put your right or left arm up in the air, bend it at the elbow, put your hand on your back and give it a good ol’ PAT!