Moving house and brussel sprouts

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Gemma JohnsonAbout four months ago, I decided that life just wasn’t stressful enough, what with juggling a job, a commute, a marriage and two kids. So we decided to buy a new house.

Somehow over the last few months I have so far managed to block it completely out of my mind and if anyone asks, “have you exchanged on your house yet”, I reply with a “house…what house?….Oh yes, erm, that house, er…it’s in progress. Isn’t the weather lovely today?!”

So now, the time has come and we are moving in on Friday 11 November with the Redmond movers, 12 days after officially launching MyFamilyClub, one day after a very important meeting and two days before my daughter’s 2nd birthday. Why, oh why do I do it to myself?! I´m just glad the I hired this company who do Removals to Germany.

My husband and I have already had a few ding dongs over where he “thinks” he is going to put some of the furniture and what he “thinks” the shed is going to be converted into.

Yesterday I finally allowed myself to get excited and asked my husband what I thought was a pretty basic question that only required an answer I actually wanted to hear.  “Honey, that little silver wine fridge that they have in the kitchen, is that being left behind?” Husband: “No, dear…. they are taking that with them.” Me: “So…what will be in its place? And don’t say a big hole”. Husband: “A big hole”.

I then refused to move in to a house with holes in it and told my husband I had changed my mind and didn’t want to move in. As you have probably guessed, I can be very childish sometimes. So I ate my roast dinner with sprouts and sulked, I had a bath, and sulked. I went to bed, and sulked. I opened the duvet for Spaghetti Legs to clamber in around 2am; I got out of bed to Afro Baby’s roars and brought her in the “big bed” around 3am.

Then, still sulking (not that it had any effect as Husband was fast asleepbrussel sprout), I tossed and turned, the kids snored and snored. And then in sweet harmony they both parped at the same time, not any old parp but two perfectly timed sprout flavoured ones. I then laughed and laughed, whilst they all snored and snored. Which got me thinking, I don’t care where I am or if I have to live in a house with holes in it, as long as I am with my family. Which is lucky, as we exchange today!