Mummy, how does Santa get down the chimney?

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Gemma JohnsonA very good friend of mine invited my kiddies to a Christmas party in his London house on Saturday 3 December.

Now, this particular friend is not only one of my oldest, but also used to be huge on the London bar and club circuit about 10 – 12 years ago. Mention this man’s name at the door of any trendy club/bar or restaurant and magic could happen.

Arriving at the house we were greeted by two of Santa’s helpers and a beagle. We were the first there and there was a huge spread of party food which Phoebe was too short to reach but managed to manipulate Santa’s helper in to giving her not a piece but the whole plate of salami!

Within 5 minutes another 27 kids, yes! 27 kids descended and the house was thrown into utter chaos. The youngest being five weeks old and the eldest well, if you count the adults, probably mid 40’s and yes, the adults were also made to dance! Hoorah for the mulled wine and champagne which managed to loosen a few knees and elbows.

Santa on the roofThen, the flip chart appeared. My friend got all the kids to sit down, a bit like “an audience with” and they had to spell Santa, work out his mobile number and also where he lived. Santa was called on his mobile to find his whereabouts….”somewhere over London” he replied, “just coming in to land now”.

My son was so excited. We were ushered outside and 27 kids and about 15 adults all stood on the opposite side of the road watching the chimney. Three screams erupted “Santa where are you” …and then he appeared! The children went crazy!

A whole hubbub of excitement as the kids scrambled to get back to the front door. Wanting to milk it for all it’s worth, my friend pretended his key wouldn’t work in the front door.  So who let us in? Yes, Santa! Poor Santa, he nearly got crushed by a kiddie stampede.

The funniest bit for me was when all the kids wanted to give Santa a cuddle after getting their present, I am not sure who was in that suit but he wasn’t overjoyed by the thought of 27 cuddles. At least four of the cuddles were from toddlers with snotty noses and chocolate caked cheeks. I had a little chuckle to myself as Afro Baby was the worst offender.

After the presents, Scooby Doo turned up to dance with the kids and slowly, at 5pm the parents made their way home with some seriously tired kids in tow.

An incredible day, and both the kids and I loved it. On the way home, Afro Baby was sparko and Spaghetti Legs spent the journey cross-questioning me about Santa, the small chimney, the fireplace full of candles, so how could Santa get down it? Oh, and not to mention the killer question. “Mummy, where did Santa park his sleigh if the roof is slopey?”….