Santa Claus mankini – one soon to be very lucky owner

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So you know how it goes as you get nearer to Christmas. You hide the presents in places you think the kids will never find, and lo and behold, they not only get up earlier than you to go looking but they are successful in their treasure hunt.

This morning about 6.30am, I was woken up by whispering and giggling and thought the kids were being silly and were doing their usual “jump on Mummy” to wake me up. So I played along, started to snore so they would think it was a big shock when they launched themselves on top of me from the foot of the bed.

So I waited, muscles tense, waiting for the impact…..nothing?!

Last Christmas I was woken up by my husband in a Mankini, now I’d like to say it was a pleasant surprise but it really, really wasn’t! My husband, after getting the reaction he was looking for, a “humongous screech” then proceeded to go to the next room where my sister-in-law was staying and wake her up by bouncing on the bed. She, I can tell you now, was not impressed and the shriek coming from her room was even louder and more disgusted than mine was.

So, this year I thought I would dress up as Mrs Claus in something slightly less revealing but equally as tacky and surprise my husband on Christmas morning. No need to wrap that particular present so I thought….

Santa underwearWell, at 6.45am this morning, after listening to the kids rustling and whispering, I was forced fully awake by Afro Baby turning the lights on full blast, (in my eyes I hasten to add) and my four year-old son standing on the bed in Mrs Claus negligee.

I was in such shock, he didn’t know whether he was in trouble or not as he didn’t get the huge laugh he was expecting, so he stood there with a frozen look on his face and his little spaghetti legs dangling out the bottom.

The giggling, whispering and cajoling was Ted, trying to convince Phoebe to put the bottom half on. I have never seen anything like it. It looked like a game of cat’s cradle over her nappy!

Now, I usually suffer from Monday morning blues but this particular morning my kids woke me up in a way that will be permanently etched in my memory.

Seeing the two of them standing there in not just any old underwear set, but a joke, Santa Claus underwear set was just too much to take – I burst out laughing, they laughed and laughed and then proceeded with a little dance.

What a way to wake up on a Monday morning!

I am now going to hunt down a Santa Claus Mankini for my husband’s stocking.