TV ads, new nannies and public speaking

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Gemma JohnsonWhat a week it’s been… We’re on the TV, we have a new nanny and I have a talk to 110 people.

Never one to do things by halves, this week has been absolutely manic.

MyFamilyClub officially launched on Monday 16 April with a national TV campaign. So when the new nanny arrived for work on Monday morning at 8am and saw me and the kids on the television, to say she was confused is an understatement. There we were, my big round smiley face staring back at her from the TV, with Afro Baby and Spaghetti Legs perched on each knee.

I have to say, seeing the advert in my home was really, really strange and I couldn’t help but chuckle remembering the comment from the producer about how Afro Baby managed to get a sneaky nose pick in one of the scenes. Needless to say, that bit was edited out.

Our scene was set to look like a kid’s room and there happened to be a real birthday cake right in front of Afro Baby. Trying to keep her little fingers out of the cake was near impossible. We had to bribe her with having the whole cake if she didn’t poke it.

I took two very tired and dirty children home in the evening. As we were all in white and studio floors are notoriously dirty, it was mission impossible trying to keep a toddler clean for seven hours.

Some of you may remember my childcare anxiety after my sister-in-law decided to leave the child minding profession. I am now slowly adjusting to being able to leave the house at 8am due to the new nanny coming to us; before, I was dropping the children off with my sister-in-law, driving back home, parking and then walking to the station. My body is just getting used to the reduction in stress levels and the team at work are acclimatising to my jolly morning attitude… Hi, ho, hi, ho.

As for having to talk to 110 people… Well, I used to have a massive fear of public speaking but thought I would take the bull by the horns when invited to speak today about our involvement with the government campaign LoveFoodHateWaste. But I’ve taken a deep breath, prepared my jokes and can’t wait to do it (where can I hide?).

Since we launched this week, we have seen activity on the site go like wildfire, which is a feeling I cannot describe. After all the hard work, after facing people who thought it best if I gave up, after the long hours and dedication from the team to get us ready for launch, we are finally seeing the benefits of our commitment to helping families make the best of their finances.

gemma video shootI harp on about it in our About Us video, explaining how my aim when I first embarked on this journey was that, if I helped just one family to save money and relieve a tiny bit of stress and worry, then I would have achieved what I set out to do.

If I am allowed to blow my own trumpet, I have to say I am so pleased to have seen it through to completion, to getting MyFamilyClub out there into people’s TV sets. Of course, I am sorry for people having to suffer my chops beaming in on their home on a regular basis, and I hope I haven’t cracked any TVs around the country.

The next leg of the journey starts here and I am tackling it with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and wonder at what the future holds for us all here at MyFamilyClub.