Walk to School Month: it’s time to walk the walk

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Gemma JohnsonI can talk the talk, now it’s time for me to walk the walk. October is Walk to School month and a great opportunity for parents, children, teachers and community leaders to be part of this global event and celebrate the fantastic benefits walking has to offer.

This week my son has been pretty poorly with the dreaded sickness bug so he has been curled up at home on the sofa for a few days. I know that as soon as he is better (he is definitely on the mend as he asked for marshmallows for breakfast this morning and to play Toy Story on the Wii) he will be desperate to get some fresh air and stretch those spaghetti legs.

We live out in Buckinghamshire and my son’s school and daughter’s pre-school are about a 10 mile round trip along country lanes, so walking is going to be tricky as there isn’t a pavement.

As I work from home on Thursdays and go in to work a little later on a Friday morning, I get to take my son and daughter to school and nursery both mornings. So for Walk to School Month, I plan to park the car about a quarter of a mile away and walk the rest of the way to school, as the roads can be a little dangerous so safety definitely comes first.Walk to school month

I have the buggy at the ready for Afro Baby so I won’t be lumbered with hoisting a three year-old up on my hip and struggling to walk (as I just know that as soon as we set off she’ll run in front of me, block my path, pulling her “carry me” face, captured in this picture!).

The benefits for us as a family for taking part in the Walk To School month are not only around exercise – it’s also a glorious way for the kids to walk amongst nature and have the opportunity to chat to me at a leisurely pace. There’ll be things we see that we can take our time and discuss, perhaps even playing a little game of ‘I spy’. I just know they will really enjoy having that relaxed moment with me before they go off and be their little independent selves for the day.

I am really looking forward to setting off on this little adventure as it will set me up for the day too, knowing that as a working mum, I have carved out some time for my children in the morning that isn’t all about rush, rush, rush and hassle, as I try and find a parking space and get flustered during the process.

I hope you will join me in taking part in this fantastic initiative and have fun along the way. To help you celebrate Walk to School month we have a great competition to win a year’s supply of shoes for your child. Enter here!

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