What would you give me out of 10 for my domestic ability?

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Gemma JohnsonWe recently ran a feature on 10 traditional housekeeping tips for modern mums, from keeping the fridge clean to descaling your kettle.

I consider myself to be a modern mum but am also pretty traditional. I love to cook and I would say 95% of the time I do it from scratch, right down to making homemade fish fingers for the kids.

As I work in London and commute each day it means that not only do I have to be pretty organised, but my armoury of recipes needs to be quickly adaptable to my children’s ever changing tastes.

Reading the article really made me think about how I run our home, so I thought I’d give you a little bit of an insight into how (un)domesticated I am. I’ll leave you to judge and score me out of 10.

What I do:

  • Food shopping on the weekend
  • Cleaning
  • Hoovering
  • Laundry (husband can’t be trusted with the machine as he puts whites and darks together)
  • Buying kids clothes / shoes
  • Making son’s packed lunch for school

What I won’t do:

  • Ironing
  • Putting the bins out
  • Changing a plug
  • Changing a lightbulb
  • Putting batteries in things as screwdrivers and screws drive me screwy!
  • Scrubbing floors on hands and knees

What I can’t do:

  • Knit
  • Sew (well I can but I choose not to)
  • Make bread (even with a machine, I have a mental block about how it works)
  • Crafts (I lose my patience too quickly and the glue and sparkly bits all over the floors and walls make me a nervous wreck)

Considering I have very limited amount of time each week, I do make sure the basics are covered and that I don’t spend time doing the things I don’t like. For example, since I can’t iron to save my life, my husband’s shirts look worse when I have been let loose on them than when they are all scrunched up at the bottom of the ironing pile.

So, I wash and dry them and take them to the dry cleaners for pressing. It costs me about 80p per shirt x 4 days a week = £3.20 a week. It means I don’t have to spend hours ironing, my husband can go to work looking half decent and I gave up my shop bought coffee each day which was costing me £3.15 so it isn’t really increasing our spend.

As a busy mum, it is hard to keep on top of everything. My son’s school trouser hem has fallen down and I keep forgetting to get hold of some wonder web! Guess where I am off to now?

My one bit of advice would be to do what you can, but if you can find ways to make your life easier, do it. There is no embarrassment in doing things your way – as long as your kids are loved, happy and healthy then you’re doing a great job.