Get 10% off wine in January just for being a mum

10 percent off wine

Fancy getting 10% off wine this weekend? You’re in luck, as wine specialist Oddbins are offering just that – with a special promotion that means mums are given a discount on bottles of plonk until 6 January.

To share the love in 2013 (and in a very clever act of marketing) Oddbins have announced that they are slashing prices for five different groups of people each weekend in January.

As well as mums, Oddbins are offering discounts to “journalists, bankers, Germans and gingers”.  A random selection, but ours is not to reason why…

From today until Sunday, if you pop into an Oddbins store all you need to do is grab your favourite bottle of wine or bubbly, and you’ll get 10% off the full price. To qualify for this special offer you’ll need to prove you’re a mum (they leave this bit up to you: whether its baby sick on your shoulder, toys in your handbag or a grumpy teen in the back of the car, I’m sure you’ll think of something.)

Next on the list of lucky ones are bankers and journalists. This promotion stretches from Friday 11- Sunday 13 January 2013. After quite a year – what with all the phone-hacking, woman socialising with friendsmoney laundering, inaccurate reporting, and big payoffs – Oddbins believe they deserve to be cut a break. Show off your press card, office pass or business card and they’ll take care of the rest.

As the month goes on, the Germans get a look in, as Oddbins kindly offer them some neighbourly love between Friday 18 – Sunday 20 January. Flash a passport or German ID card (or just bring in a towel and pop it on a sun lounger at 6am…) and you’ll nab a cheeky 10% off.

Finally the redheads get their slice of the action with 10% off wines in store from Friday 25 – Sunday 27 January. Expect to see Greg Rutherford, Prince Harry and Nicole Kidman stocking up on bottles of Blue Nun.

Don’t be disappointed when January ends, as you can still get up to 10% off Naked Wines with the MyFamilyClub Savings pack, for the whole year. Include a Morrisons discount voucher and make you’re savings stretch even further. Remember the savings pack also offers discounts at New Look (for a new dress to wear whilst you drink your discounted wine, of course) and Boots (for your new makeup). What better excuse to treat yourself?