Hilarious Footage of Pugs Gettin’ Dizzy on a Carousel!


Whilst browsing through the internet on a very chilly Monday morning, we found this footage of a group of pugs having some fun … riding a carousel. Yes, we know, that can’t be right, surely?

Check this out.

We have so many questions spinning through our heads after watching this. Firstly, what the heck are a group of pugs doing on a carousel? Is this real life? Secondly, how do they quite happily sit still for that long on a carousel? Can we train our kids to do that?

After reading some of the comments and digging a bit deeper, we found out there is more than meets the eye to this video. The slightly larger (cuter) pug in the middle has appeared in front of the camera before, in similar circumstances.

He rose to fame a few months ago when footage captured the cute pug riding the carousel, but sadly, he was alone.

He was also seen cruising about on a motorbike.

Apparently there was only room for one pug on that ride. Sorry, pug friend.

We are glad to see that this adorable pug has managed to find himself some buddies to hang out with… In whatever way they see fit! We do have a soft spot for the little cuddly pugs, and this only adds to our fixation with the adorable dogs.

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Do you have pugs? If so, let’s hear your pug-related stories!

All footage courtesy of ViralHog