How to save money on your Valentine’s meal

valentine's meal

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than over a special meal with your loved one?

It can be expensive though. I end up buying all the special ingredients for each course, but then forget to buy less of the regular shop – so I end up with too much and it’s all too expensive.

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But not this year. This year our romantic meal will use delicious recipes BUT made from leftover ingredients. This will save me money and time in the kitchen, yet still deliver a perfect meal – he’ll never know!

I’m going to start the evening with spicy avocado dip from MyFamilyClub alongside the Love Food Hate Waste crispy cauliflower tempura, a delicious blend of spices and crunch!

For the main dish, why not impress with a seductive salmon steak, accompanied by creamy cucumber sour cream and chive salad (use whatever fish is on offer on the day – just make sure it is fresh!). Or for the vegetarians amongst us, why not spice things up with Aloo Channa Papdi Chaat, diced and spiced potato chunks and chick peas, smothered in mixed spices and yoghurt and served in a roasted poppadum.

To finish, I recommend cream cheese marble brownies, a rich combination of gooey chocolate, coffee and cream cheese. But I’m also really tempted by this baked Alaska recipe – or might it just bring back too many childhood memories rather than enhance a romantic meal for two?

Whatever you do, fall in love with your leftovers this Valentines and don’t throw away your money!