Infographic: A six-year-old’s guide to saving

6 year old saving

Children say the funniest things. They can tickle us with their adorable comments about subjects they might not know too much about yet, and the issue of money tends to produce some amusing results.

So what do six-year-olds have to say about money? Well, one in three thinks they’ll earn the tidy sum of £1.98 a week when they’re older, and 53% believe they’ll be a homeowner by the time they’re 25, according to a new survey.

Legal and General conducted the research last year (and it’s still making us giggle), now they’ve put together the findings in this great infographic on a six-year-old’s guide to saving.

198 children aged six took part in the survey, with a most of the youngsters already receiving pocket money from their parents. The amount they receive varied, but when asked to share the ideal pocket money allowance, 25% said they would be happy with just £1 a week.

Saving clearly isn’t top of a six year old’s mind. However, parents can help their children save for the future. In 2011 the Government introduced Junior ISAs, meaning you can save money tax-free for your kids.

Learn more about Junior ISAs here.

infographic 6 year olds