Introducing Owl


OwlWell I’m Owl. Sing it now, in the voice of Paul Simon: “You can call meeeee Owl… You can caaaaall meeeeeee Owl!” Ok, Ok, I’ll stop squawking now. My blog is all about things I love – these are mainly centred around kitchen gadgets & gizmos, that save you time.

I currently live with my adopted family of two adults and two very naughty children. ‘Adoptive’ meaning I adopted them and plan on sticking around until the little ones are all grown up and then, who knows where I’ll go.

I am quite a large fella, so you may see my little owl friends, Herbert and Pandora out on location finding cool things to do and see. I’ll intro them a little later.

If I could change one thing about myself, it would be bald head. Big Mamma, known as BM, tends to love the house to be cold (weird woman) and she leaves me right opposite an open kitchen window.

I am currently on the look out for a hat or hair piece so if you see any on your travels, giz a shout?

I hope you enjoy and find useful the fantabulous gadgets and gizmos showcased on my blog and that you will join me in uncovering time-saving secrets for the household.