It’s Official, Lego Have Created the Ultimate in Lego-Defence Footwear


We stumbled across this on reddit today and simply had to spread the word. Entitled ‘What a Time to be Alive’ this image will resonate with anyone who has had LEGO as a child or currently has a little one with a LEGO addiction.

Within minutes of the LEGO box being opened, there are usually hundreds of pieces throughout the house which results in not only a mess but the inevitability that some unfortunate soul will stand on a piece!

The foot-numbing sensation is something we all dread, but thankfully, we now live in times where it can be avoided. Introducing these LEGO-proof slippers! Perfect for any household which regularly finds itself littered with pieces of all shapes and sizes.


According to French blog PIWEE, only 1500 have been created and they’ll be given out randomly to people who fill out their Christmas Wish List on Lego France website.

We just wish these had been around many years ago!

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Most redditors reacted in similar fashion to us, so we’ve picked out some of the best comments.

“They don’t even hurt. I step on Lego for fun. They massage my feet.”

“Because telling your kids to clean up, is just too hard these days.”

“I’ve actually used my bare feet before so walking on small bits of plastic doesn’t hurt. You’re all sole-less shadows of human beings.”

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What’s your worst LEGO related injury?

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They don’t even hurt.

I step on Lego for fun.

They massage my feet.