Loving Dog Steps Into ‘Mummy Role’ To Nurse 5 Orphaned Cheetah Cubs

Blakely The SuperHero Nurse

Awwwww, what a way to start the day, such a heart-warming story. Blakely an Australian Shepherd started to look after the incy wincy cheetah cubs when they were born on March 8th by c-section. Sadly, their 5-year-old mamma cheetah called Willow, didn’t survive the operation.

Thayne Maynard, Cincinnati Zoo’s director said “Cheetahs are a fragile species and this difficult birth proved to be too much for her to pull through and Willow was able to contribute to the survival of her species by producing five cheetah cubs. Without the C-section, we likely would have lost both the mum and the cubs”.

Blakely, YOU ARE OUR HERO!!!

Featured image Via: http://newsfisher.io/