How To Make Your Own Yummy Chocolate LEGO Bricks!


We love everything about LEGO. Ok, that’s a lie, maybe not the mess that’s left after 100’s of bricks have been thrown across the floor! However, we’ve stumbled across another treat for all you LEGO lovers; Chocolate LEGO bricks.

That’s right, you can make your own chocolate bricks, build a lovely little house or castle, and then eat all the chocolate until your tummy is content! If you’re like us the chocolate will be lucky to get into the moulds.

We found the actual moulds at a variety of stores but there is a wider range of products on ebay. You can even create your own LEGO figurines as well as the bricks.

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Chocolate LEGO Bricks

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You can probably use whatever chocolate recipe you prefer, but this one from chocablog is quite good for making the bricks/figurines. Experimentation is all part of the fun! Get the kids involved as well and see how many bricks you can make!

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How many chocolate bricks can you make? We stopped at 24, before things got out of hand! Let us know which recipes you used and send us some pictures of your chocolate lego brick creations! Most importantly, have some fun!