Mother Leaves Baby In Car Whilst Shopping For Video Games


Some shocking footage appeared on LiveLeak of a mother leaving her crying baby in the car alone, whilst she went shopping for video games.

As the man who filmed the footage pointed out, it was a very warm day, and the child was clearly uncomfortable. Watch the footage below to see what happened:

What makes matters worse is that the woman comes back to the car, shuts the windows, and then goes back into the store. Now the child is potentially trapped inside an oven-like environment! Unsurprisingly, comments from LiveLeakers suggested that people were not impressed by the woman’s careless actions.

“… At best she’s lazy, at worst negligent, and she deserved to be called out…and when she is her response is to roll the windows up? Unbelievable.”, said ‘Ubiluez’.

However, there were some who questioned whether this video revealed the full picture, and argued that the man filming the video may have overreacted slightly.

“At first glance, this would appear to be another vulgar display of horrendous parenting that plagues the country. But, this video does not allow us to see exactly what transpired, or how long.”, said ‘reaper7recon’.

“If she knew which game she was going to pick up, and just ran in to do that, with no line, it would take her less than 5 minutes. If the car had the air con running, and there was no danger, then this is a non-starter for the prosecution.”

The general consensus was that although there is some pretty poor parenting going on here, we don’t really know the full story, so it’s important not to jump to conclusions. However, it does act as a reminder to keep an eye on the kids as much as you can. There really isn’t any reason why this woman couldn’t have brought her child into the store, especially on this very hot day.