4 Simple Ways To Spoil Her This Mother’s Day Plus Gifts To Lust After


It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture this Sunday. We show you 4 simple ways to spoil your mum this Mother’s Day.

A survey conducted on Mother’s Day last year concluded that if mother’s were paid for their parental labours it would total up to a staggering £172,000 extra per year. Wow, I know us mother’s work around the clock but that is a massive amount of pay for something we do naturally out of love.

Interflora Survey Mothers DayThe study commissioned by Interflora, hours worked and they type of jobs mums do to come up with a figure that is £30,000 higher per year than the Prime Minister earns.




You won’t find any of us mums ‘sleeping on the job’ like Mr Cameron below.

Image credit via: Huffington Post

There’s no question that the job of mothering is one ‘helluva’ task and it has its joyous highs and energy zapping lows but the fact remains there is no other job as rewarding as being a mother.

Whether you are a mother yourself or looking for inspiration on how to spoil your mum of any age, we have 4 simple ways to spoil her rotten (or pass it on to your kids) and hope they get the hint.

Cook A Wonderful Meal At Home
Simple ingredients can make for a wonderful meal. Dress the table with a bunch of flowers and let mum put her feet up as you cook her a meal. It doesn’t need to be fancy, we have some gorgeous ideas in our 5 Scrumptious Recipes For Mothering Sunday.

Check out our 6 Moorish Mug Cake Recipes You Can Bake In Minutes for a delicious and speedy sweet treat for mum.

Give Mum A Break
There’s  no doubt about it that most mum are tired to the very marrow of their bones. A tiredness that is relentless and ever present as we navigate through the day with an incredible list of things that need to be done, just to keep the family ticking over. We have to stay 4 steps ahead or we fall 10 steps behind.

We are exhausted! One of the best gifts you can give your mum is a ‘break’ and let her curl up on the sofa if that is what she wishes to do and just ‘rest’. Bat away her excuses for ‘needing’ to get on with stuff. Be helpful and ask her ‘what can I do to help you today mum’…she will really thank you for it and it may even draw a little tear to her eye as permission is granted for her to ‘simply be’.

DIY Mother’s Day Gift

Speaking from experience as a mother-of-three children under 9, I actually prefer receiving their homemade cards and gifts.

Pinterest has some wonderful ideas for homemade gifts and cards that are creative, inspiring and cheap. Read 11 Thoughtful DIY Gifts To Make This Mother’s Day for some really lovely and easy gifts.

Book Something Special For Another Day
On the 6th March, Mother’s around the country will hopefully be getting spoiled but why not present her with a gift / experience for another day. This will give her a present on the day and also something to look forward to, a double win really.

Ten Wonderful Presents For That Special Lady

MothersDayGifts1. Teacup Cake Stand – £29.99
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2. Protect Your Hands Winter Gift Set – £19.99
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3. Olverum Bath Oil – £23.50
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4. Personalised Natural Cushion – £22.99
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5. Monsoon Rose Gold – £35.00
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6. Mitchell & Butlers Dining Out Card – Up To £100
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7. Personalised Oak Egg Rack – £104.99
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8. Embryolisse Radiant eye cream – £20.50
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9. Personalised Apple Crate Planter – £26.99
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10. Little Soap Company Pure Rose Geranium Hand Soap – £8.95
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