Mums Spill the Beans, Hilarious and Eyebrow-Raising Confessions


There’s no doubt that raising kids is often hilarious and exhausting at the same time, we’ve all got little tricks and traits that we have as individuals and no doubt collectively, that get us through the day and further along the bumpy road that is parenthood. 

Reddit Mums spill the beans and we have to say, not only did we find some of them hilarious but some made us gasp just a weeny bit! If there is one thing for sure, Reddit mums do not hold back!

My 7 month old hates having his hands and face cleaned with a cloth after he’s been eating. Sometime, if it just isn’t worth the fight that day, I put him on the floor and let the dog lick him clean…”

Hey, everybody’s happy!

“Baby peed on my shorts and sweater and I only changed my shorts because dammit it’s my good nursing sweater with the pockets and I don’t want to give it up to the wash just for a little piss wee wee.”

“I once, on a really hot day, removed my kid’s pee-soaked cloth diaper and wiped my sweaty face”.

It was very refreshing.

“My mom was full on lazy with me – she didn’t even attempt “quiet activities”. When she was pregnant with my sister I too was “too cool for naps,” but she, being pregnant, was NOT. So every single day for the duration of her pregnancy, and then for the first few months after my sister was born, I watched Alice in Wonderland, in its entirety, EVERY SINGLE DAY. I refused to watch any other movie. Just that one. For a year straight”.

“From the time the twins were born until about six months, I am think they got a total of 5-6 actual baths. I would do baby wipe baths or went cloths.

Seriously, trying to bath two giant twin boys, alone, before they could truly sit up well was just ridiculous”.

“I lay my newborn on top of the cat to change him if she won’t get off the cushy pad”.

“Yesterday, lo (5months) was crying a lot and just plain giving me a hard time. I held him while he was screaming and I looked at him and denied him the boob. I just waited until he calmed down. He whimpered and then I gave him boob and he quieted down and went to sleep. I felt bad for letting him scream like that on purpose and denying the boob, but heck, it worked”.

“This morning I heard my son whimpering at 7am, and laid there for 20 minutes hoping he would go back to sleep. He did, but not before crying pretty hard. Woke me up again at 9:30 and I still took 20 minutes to get out of bed before getting him. Wtf is wrong with me?”

I only wash my 5 year old’s (long curly blond) hair once a month at most. It looks fine, spares hair wash drama. Bonus: Lice prefer clean hair, they can’t stick to oily hair. Even when her best friend had nits, she never got them”.

“I taught my 3 year old how to operate Netflix on the PS3 so that I don’t have to change the show for him while I am cooking/cleaning. I am literally too lazy to change the show my kid shouldn’t be watching.

We also watched the Walking Dead together a few times”.

“My 11 week old’s usual nap routine is sitting on daddy’s lap in the afternoon while he watches daddy’s video game streams. I feel really guilty about the screen time – we’ve been doing this since the day he got home from the hospital – but he loves to sit quietly and watch and he eventually zones out and falls asleep. Kid loves video games already, I’m so doomed”.

“Yesterday while making supper, I dropped some tomatoes and cheese on the floor. Rather than bending over and picking it up, I called my two year old daughter in from the living room, pointed at it, and asked if she wanted to eat it, which she did quite happily. And then she thanked me sweetly for the snack.

And I honestly don’t feel bad. I’m early into a pregnancy, and if I had bent over, my stomach contents would have hit the floor before I had the chance to pick up the cheese.

But later, I caught her hunting through the kitchen, examining the floor for any more surprise snacks I may have thrown on there for her. I may have to start mopping more frequently now”.

What are your ‘Mummy’ confessions….come on, don’t hold back?!