MyFamilyPanel Review – Hula Hooping With Wraps Wristband Headphones


wrapslogo2We were asked to review a pair of headphones and what better way to put them to the test than to use them in the most challenging way we could find. Hula Hooping!

I’m addicted to Hula Hooping and although it may look easy swinging a hoop around, believe you me when I say, just to keep it rotating on your waist for more than a few minutes is an achievement in itself.

Excellent Storage System
I have lost countless sets of headphones due to leaving them behind after disconnecting them and setting them down in the gym, it’s beyond annoying let alone expensive. So having a pair that can be stored by wrapping them around your wrist like a bracelet is absolutely ingenious.

Most headphones would end up tangled up or scrunched up at the bottom of a bag or pocket, likely to get damaged over time. Wrapping them around your wrist is a really neat, tidy and tangle-free way to store them.

Sound Quality
For the price point of £14.99 the sound quality was so much better than I expected and they were really comfortable to wear. They come with a small set of different ear plug sizes so will fit even the smallest ears.

Benefits of Wraps Wristband Headphones:108748

  • No tangled cords
  • Easy to store
  • Good quality sound
  • Stylish accessory
  • Very affordable price point

These headphones would be perfect for people working out and I am sure any teen that gets these as a present would be over the moon.

Where To Buy
You can buy them directly in a variety of colours over at from £14.99