Peppa Pig Live – one crazy way to spend a Friday afternoon


Phoebe my 4 year old is Peppa Pig mad to the point where all she does is snort at me if she’s feeling in a particularly Pepperish mood. So to mark her turning the big 4 we took her to see Peppa Pig Live at the Wycombe Swan Theatre.

peppa pigWe had kept it a close secret (which was incredibly hard for me as I am a real blurter) and even walking through the tunnel to the theatre she still couldn’t guess where she was going. Then! She saw the poster and let out an almighty squeal. Seeing her little face light up was just delightful.

As soon as we got into the venue she was running around like a mad thing. We had really good seats in the upper circle and the theatre was jammed with these tiny little people, bopping away to the theme tune.

What amused me no end was the amount of dads and grannies that were up there moving and shaking all in the name of love for their little ones.

The production was first class, beautifully done and the singing voices really amazing. I can’t believe how accurate the voices were for the characters, especially Mr Bull who I have a soft spot for anyway. The audience were really engaged and the merchandise wasn’t as expensive as I had expected it to be. I bought a couple of glowing light sticks for about £16, which the children still use at home.

peppa pig-backstageMy favourite part of the show was Mr Potato Head and the fete with all the singing fruits and the calypso music, there wasn’t a still bottom on a seat. Lots of chair-wiggling going on – and that was mainly the adults!

The show was really easy to follow and was not too long although the break in the middle was a bit long and the children were getting restless. Great lighting, just a fabulous experience all round. Despite my son being 6 and a bit older, even he joined in and was roaring at the dinosaur bit.

There was a massive scrum as we were leaving for the helium balloons and both children had a meltdown until I told them they were going for a Meet & Greet with Peppa.

So off we went to the stage door and met with the actors and the puppets. Both of mine were all shy but then having a pig grunting in your ear is enough to make most people go quiet. They were so happy and were the only children that got to meet them, so they felt very special.

teddy peppa pig-reviewAfter all the excitement, I took them for a pizza and clearly the excitement was just too much for my son to cope with and he fell into a big grump. Guess who slept all the way home?

A must-see for any die hard Peppa fan and a fun, interactive show parents and grandparents can get involved with. There really is nothing nicer than watching your children have fun.

A massive thanks for sending us the tickets and I hope this show continues to be an “oinking” success.

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