How To Have The Perfect Workday Hack


A brilliant visual tool showing you how to set up your day for the perfect experience. According to a study, working for 52 minutes and breaking for 17 minutes is the most productive way to add structure and purpose to your day.

Food for serious thought we think!

There are sometimes just those days where you can’t even remember how you passed the time and can end up feeling demotivated due to little or no structure to your day and then anxious that you haven’t completed your tasks.

This wheel is a brilliant tool and pretty easy to replace some of the tasks with more relative tasks as you raise a family. For sure, the 7.30am slot to do exercise when you have kids to get to school is pretty impossible, so jut replace it with “Sorting kids & School run” all of the small items us parents do throughout the day is valid and a real marker of achievement as we know, the little and big things we do keeps the family unit running like a well-oiled machine.

What structure do you currently have in place for your day? We’d love to know…

The Perfect Workday


  1. This is amazing! I don’t think I could wake up at 6:30 though lol, my daughter gets me up at 7:30 at the earliest. I would fall asleep stood up if it was any earlier! I think making something like this is so helpful.