The Power Of Poop – NHS Declares Ingesting Poop May Cure Diseases

The Power of Poo
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Many of us with kids will know how unfazed we are when dealing with poo, heck if you calculate how many nappy changes in your baby’s first year 8-10 nappies per day x 365 days per year that equals 3650 – 4380 per annum. Despite not all of the nappies containing poo, that’s STILL a lot of poo! Not to mention, the boddler and toddler years when potty training and any kind of stomach bug adds to the staggering amount of poo clean-up and handling.

Anyway, you catch my drift. Us hardcore parents are just NOT afraid of poo!

But when it comes to ingesting poo, now that’s another story all together. Many parents will have been asked at least once by their child ‘mummy, have I ever eaten poo’ and the answer is usually (through pursed lips) ‘probably darling’ and then you park it right there.

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This story has blown my mind, I mean I am totally down with trialling new and bizarre treatments for diseases but ingesting poo?! Not even your own poo but someone else’s poo, comes in either tablet form or through a more intrusive way…erhum!

The NHS has just opened its first ever Faecal Frozen Bank to provide treatment for a disease called Clostridium Difficile which is has been classified as an incurable gut problem and can be, according to doctors a side effect of anti-biotics.

Robert Porter, a doctor in the Queen Alexander hospital outside Portsmouth estimates that the infection has a higher mortality rate than breast cancer. Each year over 13,000 people suffer from Clostridium Difficile and one in five people do not respond to conventional methods of treatment. Ingesting 50ml of poo, could be the answer.

There is a company in America called OpenBiome who are offering people the chance to earn up $13,000 a year selling their faeces and there is a place in the UK called the Taymount Clinic in Hitchin but you’d have to enquire as to how much you can earn.

I am sure there are worst things to ingest and I guess if it’s helping people who are having an incredibly difficult time then that’s great, the advances in medical science are mind boggling and long may they continue.