Rescued Old Wombat Receives Some Much Needed TLC In His Final Days


We nearly cried at this video, he looks so weak but so settled in his rescuers arms. What a lovely, compassionate lady to take him in to her sanctuary where he can live out his final days with some TLC.

Credit: Facebook/Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary

The sanctuary is called ‘Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary’ and is run by Gundaroo resident, Donna Steppan.

The poor old fella was really dehydrated, weak and injured after having a fight with another male wombat over territory. Steppan said: “Male wombats kill for territory so when a male wombat is in trouble, they do things out of the ordinary to survive. In other words they will appear out of nowhere, or on somebody’s verandah, in a dog kennel, anywhere to prevent being further attacked by the new dominant male wombat.”

The gorgeous old wombat arrived on an elderly couples porch and was extremely weak from hiding as they don’t eat until they feel safe and judging by some of the comments on their facebook page, this video and his story has been a bit of a tear jerker, they could use some assistance from health care professionals.

Facebook users flocked to express their admiration of Donna and to send love to the old wombat:

“I teared up at the end when he seemed to say “no more please” & you held hands & then there was a kiss & a sniffle. Such a tender moment, brought back some bittersweet memories for me of when I cared for an elderly sweet animal friend of mine. It can be really hard but what you are doing is so good, so important–thank you very much”. 

“Poor darling. Hopefully the extreme love and care he is now getting will see him happy and as healthy as an old boy can be”.

“This really moved me. I agree…old animals are beautiful and deserve for their last months to be comfortable and feeling they are loved and safe”.

“Such a sad but beautiful video. Animals like humans respond to love especially in their beginning and ending years. Both beautiful souls. X”

We can clearly see why Donna is totally in love with Wombats, look at this baby wombat!

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