Selfie Taking Snowboarding Girl Chased By Brown Bear


Oh my word, our hearts were in our mouths as we watched a video of a cool snowboarding girl filming ‘selfie-style’ as she snowboarded at Hakuba 47 in Japan whilst singing along to Rhianna’s Work, Work, Work.

Behind her looms a large brown bear chasing her and picking up speed. Probably a good thing that she didn’t know otherwise she might have panicked and been bear food! You can hear the bear growling as it runs.

The girl eventually picks up speed, completely unaware of the danger below and she zips downhill and the bear tails off into the distance.

The video posted on Youtube by Kelly Murphy has had nearly 2 million views! We are not surprised. Quite a few comments saying it’s fake and CGI with Grizzly Bear sound effects.

If it is not fake, what a lucky girl! and if it is, well done you for sending the internet into overdrive.