The Smart Toothbrush That Films The Inside Of Your Mouth


Dr. Marc Lazare recommends using an electric toothbrush over a manual one but even so, apparently there are still spots that even the best whizzy-bang toothbrush will still miss.

Enter the soon to be on the market, Phrophix toothbrush by Onvi that will live stream the inside of you mouth onto your smartphone giving you more clarity about those hard to reach spots.

It’s got a hefty price tag for basically an electronic toothbrush with an added light and camera on it. $400 to be precise.

One of the more popular Chandler Dentist say’s that if you’ve got oral issues that need a lot of care and monitoring then this toothbrush would be a good investment but for many folk, I think seeing all the food and gunk would just be too much. A regular trip to a hygienist and dentists to get a thorough check on the inside of your mouth is pretty important as they can spot any worrying signs, getting a professional TMJ treatment from your dentist is also very important.


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