Smiley Staffie Says ‘CHEESE’ For The Camera


Time for some Thursday morning fun! How funny and cute is this staffie with its almighty smile!

This pup has reached into the hearts of everyone on the internet over the past few days and we simply can’t get enough of its big cheesy grin.

Originally posted by Amanda Robles on Facebook, it turns out the dog in the footage is actually being fostered by her from PAWS. So heart-warming!

Facebooker’s and YouTubers alike have had their say on the smiling dog and as always some comments are equally as funny as the video:

Fila Mom“Cutest little thing ever! lol!”

Marky Mark“Epic!”

Cindy Sue“you guys are so blessed! that is the coolest trick i have seen in a long time. clever dog, and such an original trick! kiss that baby for me! CHEEEEESE!”

Debbie Alberto“OMG! This is the BEST! How did you teach your dog to smile like that? Please please share… Thank you for posting. Luv it and makes me smile and laugh. danke danke danke!”

Evelyn J. Sprehe“This is too funny! Just cracks me!. I keep replaying!”


With nearly 14 million views and over 400,00 shares on Facebook this little dog is basically a celebrity!

So if your Thursday hasn’t been going to plan so far just remember to smile like this happy chappy!