SSE energy price increase: How you’re affected

SSE energy price-hikes

Today, SSE announced they are hiking their energy prices by 8.2% – this could mean an extra £111 a year for struggling families everywhere. CEO, Gemma Johnson spoke with Sky News about how these energy rises could affect you .

It’s a crippling blow for families who are suffering from increased living costs and stagnant wages, alongside last winter’s price hike.

It’s a crippling blow for families who are suffering from increased living costs and stagnant wages, alongside last winter’s price hike.

Unfortunately these energy supplier folk are a bit like sheep, and price hikes from the big six will soon follow suit.

There are some steps you can take to protect yourself though. Check out our cool infographic with top tips on energy saving like cavity wall insulation that saves you £135 per year.

There’s now around £350 difference between the cheapest and the most expensive energy tariffs on the market – a massive saving could make a big difference when it comes to keeping warm.

GemmaMy advice is to do your research and go for a smart switch to fix and save money. Talk to your energy company and see what they can offer you. Those with typical bills on a standard tariff can typically lock in and save up to £80 a year but you’ll have to be quick.

We talked to parents on our Facebook page about these outrageous price hikes and it’s clear how distressed many families felt over this announcement.

Zaina Golding commented: “How do I feel? Annoyed! I’m not with sse but seriously how much PROFIT did these company’s all make last year??? They certainly don’t need to increase prices!!!”

Naomi Gorthy had this to say: “I have to layer up my daughter during the day as we can’t afford to have the heating on. We only have it on a few hours in the morning and evening. We’re probably already in debt even though we pay a bomb per month as it is. My house is single glazed and I live on the Aberdeen coast. It’s not even winter properly yet. I can’t see how they can keep justifying these increases and why the government is doing nothing about it.”

Annwen Ackroyd said: “I fixed my tariff a year ago but worry how expensive it might be when the fixed rate ends! The cost of energy bills is a huge part of family spending and I don’t believe that these companies should be allowed such large profit margins on our bills!”

Tops tips on how to save money on energy bills:

  • Reduce shower time by 2 minutes a day and save £32 per year
  • Use A-rated appliances and save £100s per year
  • Turn your thermostat down one degree and save £60 per year on heating bills
  • Switch your energy supplier at the right time and you could save £294 per year
  • Insulate your loft and save £175 per year
  • Look out for draughts around doors and windows – you could save £55 per year
  • Use energy saving light bulbs
  • Don’t leave electrical goods on standby

Read our guide on how to fight back against these energy hikes and switch to a fixed tariff to save!