Surviving on 5 key maternity fashion staples


So here I am 32 weeks pregnant and actually slimmer than I was before – although if you turn me to the side I most certainly can’t hide behind a tree without being spotted, not with my African bottom and big pregnant tummy.

plain white shirtWorking in London and living out in Buckinghamshire has meant that my maternity fashion is somewhat eclectic. However, I have learnt hard and fast from my last two pregnancies that there are a few key pieces that will see you through all the way to the end, whether at work or at play.

The key is to accessorise with different colours and (size permitting) squeeze into existing dresses you own (I wore a belt above my bump to give old dresses a new lease of life).

plain black dressThere are some great deals to be had on eBay for maternity fashion, including coats, accessories and shoes. I got a fabulous leopard print pair of shoes that I team up with a black maternity dress and a leopard print jacket, I look ferocious… grrrrrr!!

It can be a difficult time when your body seems to change quicker than your mind can cope with and we all have days where we feel unattractive and want to hide away at home.

blue black jeansI find that having a shower, giving myself a body scrub and applying mummy-to-be body oil on my bump reconnects me with the amazing process taking place: me growing a little cheeky human inside my body.

Sure, it’s out of shape and heading in all sorts of directions but feeling the baby kick and bringing yourself back to the beauty of creating and housing life should help raise your self-esteem just that little bit.

maternity tightsI have always been a big lover of earrings and it’s amazing how they make me feel. I don’t really wear makeup, but putting on a pair of dangly earrings is a sure fire way to make me feel ready for the word.

I recently stumbled upon a fantastic style guide from Verbaudet and it just shows you that it is possible to look absolutely gorgeous when pregnant. Maternity fashion has come a long way since my mum was pregnant with me; all the old photos show her in dungarees or tent-style dresses.

spaghetti strap topsThe guide has a sliding bar that helps you select the clothes relevant to your pregnancy week. I loved looking at week 32 (which I am nearly at) as there is a stripey jumper dress there and I have one exactly like it in navy blue with a tan stripe. It’s so flattering and can be worn with flats, heels, a blazer or a chunky knit.

So beautiful, pregnant, delicious mammas! Enjoy your journey and remember, looking good doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.