Terrifying Moment Another Young Child Falls Between A Train And The Platform


It may be a New Year but unfortunately we’ve found more footage, similar to that from previous years, of a small child falling down the gap between a train and the platform.

You may remember we shared CCTV camera footage of a child falling down the gap which sparked a huge amount of concern over how easy it is for this to happen to smaller children.

Watch this shocking clip of a young child falling down the gap, even with their mother beside them holding their hand. Terrifying!

This latest footage comes from Sydney, Australia, which confirms that it’s not just the London underground which poses a threat. The gaps between platforms and trains can vary from station to station which is why we urge fellow parents to take extra precaution when getting on and off the trains with their children. It’s honestly so traumatic to watch, never mind actually happen to your own child!

MyTrainTicket.co.uk offer some great advice for parents travelling with young children (particularly for under 5-year-olds):

  • Where possible, travel off-peak, this will mean the carriages are less crowded and there will be extra seats so you can spread out.
  • Pre-plan and see what the train times are to ensure you’re there well ahead of time
  • For very young children it can be a good idea to buy reins, even if you use them at no other time; but always carry your children on and off the train just to be on the safe side.

You can read more about travelling with children on their very useful travel safety pages.

Even if your child is older than five, make sure you have a firm grip of their hand and know exactly where they are. Don’t turn your back on them for a second no matter what, it’s simply not worth the risk.

Please, stay safe when travelling on trains and remember to look out for each other as well!