The Jaw-dropping Moment a Helpless Newly Born Child is Rescued by…a Dog!


Some absolutely shocking images emerged last week of a newly born child, still with its umbilical cord attached, being carried to safety by a dog. The images, which went viral in Saudi Arabia, show the canine taking the helpless baby to safety at a nearby house, from where the child was rushed to hospital.

The Saudi Daily ‘Sada’ claimed that the baby had been dumped beside a waste bin and abandoned by its mother. This is certainly not the first time a story of a dog performing heroics to save the life of a child has surfaced, but the graphic nature of these images really caused a wave of emotion to flood the internet.

First and foremost, thanks to the dog the child reached safety and was taken to hospital. It is incredibly fascinating to consider the deed of the thoughtful canine.

Many comments on the images were in awe of the actions taken by the life-saving dog.

“In these days, animals show more compassion than humans. We live [in] times where the animals give us life lessons.”

“Even if it is due to instinct only, dogs still have a sense of parenthood way more than some ‘humans’.”

“That dog is awesome!”

Many viewers were very unhappy with the person who actually took the photographs.

“Who is taking pictures instead of getting the baby out of the dog’s mouth?”

“Exactly! Wait! Don’t take the baby out of his mouth yet! I need to get another pic!”

One reader asked, “Who is the animal now?” to which another responded, “I guess it is the one taking the photo.”

But unexpectedly, most of the comments were reserved for the ‘mother’ of the child who had disgustingly disposed of her baby as if it were rubbish.

Most comments are too vulgar to repeat but some of the milder ones included;

“Dog values human life more than the mother does.”

“The dog is less of an animal than the mother.”

The inhumane decision of the mother to throw her newly born child out with the waste is something that we at My Family Club cannot even begin to put into words. On the other hand, the heart-warming instinct of the dog is something we can all learn from and apply to our everyday lives.

What are your thoughts?

Is the person taking the photographs just as horrible as the mother who threw away her helpless child?

Do you have any heroic stories about dogs or other pets helping out with your kids’ safety?