This Young Boy’s 72-Year-Old Letter To Santa Will Make Your Heart Melt


Christmas has come and gone for another year and Santa will be taking a well-deserved break after his hectic shift a few nights ago. It sounds like Santa has been delivering everything from Millenium Falcon’s and lightsabers to LEGO sets and Little Live Pets toys!

However, there was a time when Christmas involved fewer toys and gifts. This heart-melting letter to Santa, written in 1943 by a young boy called David, gives us an insight to what Christmas used to be like for boys and girls.

In the letter, David only asks for some chalk, slippers and any toys that Santa might have leftover or spare after he has delivered the rest.

Perfectly preserved, the letter is an important reminder of how times have changed over the last 60-70 years, and how sometimes the little things are the best!

It was also nice to see that David got his presents in the end!