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Thorpe Park officially opened on the 12th March for their main season which means it’s now open until the season ends on 8th November. That’s thrills a plenty every day until the season is over.

I decided to head down there a couple of weeks early with the kids to check out some of the rides that were open and review the experience. The last time I went to Thorpe Park was in my very late teens so I was really looking forward to checking it out, many, many moons later.  I am still trying to process what happened to me on Stealth. My brain hasn’t quite accepted the speed at which the ride took off and the sheer terror I experienced in those 30 seconds. The ride is o-80mph in under 2 seconds.

Luckily I only got a photo from that particular ride, Swarm on the other hand, OMG! the utter embarrassment of being filmed crying for my mum and the stranger next to me finding my hysteria and obvious distress, hilarious! I could swear about him right now [insert insult here] but won’t seeing as we are a family website.

See Video > MyFamilyClub CEO cries for her mama on Swarm at Thorpe Park


We had such a fabulous day and I would highly recommend going just for the memories you make with the kids. My two eldest, Teddy 7.5 years old and Phoebe who is 5 years old thought is was bloody hilarious watching me cry and whimper like a baby, definitely shot my ‘street cred’ right in the foot with the mums I took with me, they still see me occasionally at the school gates and laugh as I approach. Oh the shame! The shame!

Despite it being off-season, there were still quite a few rides open, the Angry Birds 4D show is fantastic, the kids loved the motion of the chairs and water / air experience that tied in with the 3D cinematic show. Really, really fun!

Rides we went on:

  • Swarm – pack some spare underwear or some tena lady! (1.4 metres +)
  • Stealth – equivalent to an alien abduction! (1.4 metres +)
  • Flying Fish – really fun for the little ones (0.9 metres +)
  • Teacups
  • Angry Birds 4D Experience
  • Depth Charge (0.9 metres +)

A thoroughly enjoyable day that was unforgettable for many reasons. I highly recommend Thorpe Park for a day filled with laughter, tears of terror and joy and a day to blow your hair back with the kids and feel free.

My best takeaways & tips:

  • Queues: Get there early in the day and if you can at the start of the season for fast queues for the rides.
  • Park is mainly geared towards slightly older children so keep that in mind in terms of attention spans of the little ones.
  • Staff are extremely friendly and helpful which really adds to the experience.
  • You have to go through the shop on the way out so be prepared for pester power. I gave them a couple of pounds each and that was more than enough as they have a massive sweet shop.
  • Pack some spare clothes for the wet rides. We only encountered one wet ride but did get pretty wet at the Angry Birds 4D show.
  • You will have to pay £5 to park your car, so factor that into your expense for the day.

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