The Ultimate Bedtime Routine Including 5 Essential Sleep Hacks For Kids


Bedtime for almost all households with young children means one thing. Chaos.

It can be difficult at the best of times to get some kids to settle down for an early night before school the next day, but when they get restless, or would rather stay up late, it can be quite a stressful period of the day for parents.

The Ultimate Bedtime Routine Sleep Hacks

1. Sleepy food



The secret food that can make your child fall asleep that little bit easier? You’ve probably never heard of it…


That’s right, the popular fruit contains magnesium and potassium which both relax the muscles in your body, as well as a small amount of serotonin, which helps “promote feelings of comfort, contentment and well-being.”

2. Blackout curtains

We remember having all sorts of things being used as temporary blackout curtains after the clocks changed every Spring! Cardboard, old bed sheets, and who knows what else! Thankfully, blackout curtains are readily available now and you can even get portable/fold-up versions which you can take away on holiday or weekend trips.

They’re an easy way to prevent the bright morning sunshine creeping through and disturbing your sleeping child.

3. Essential oils, particularly lavender



We all know lavender is that lovely plant in some gardens, but what many parents don’t know is that it can also be used to reduce anxiety and increase the sleep quality of your child.

Research suggests that individuals who sleep in a room where lavender oils were diffused had their sleep quality increased by 20%.

4. Take turns between Mum and Dad

This might be considered a disruptive method to a bedtime routine by some parents, however, it can be really effective for both child and parent if done correctly. Parenting is a team game, and by taking turns on the bedtime routine you’re giving your husband/wife a break but you’re also giving the child something completely different to what they had the last night.

You’ll have different tricks or stories up your sleeve that your husband might not, and vice versa, so don’t be afraid that your child will not like having one over the other before bed!

5. Weighted blanket



This is essentially the final step in the process. Once your child, or children, are in bed it’s important to have a duvet or blanket that they love to sleep in.

A weighted blanket is cosier, keeps the child warmer, and actually aids the body wind down in preparation for sleep.

As always, we know that you, the parents, will have even more tips and tricks up your sleeves. If you do, get in touch on either Twitter¬†or Facebook and share your knowledge with our community. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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