What are you spending this Valentine’s?

what to get for valentine's

Valentine’s Day is here… but what have you bought the other half?

42% of men said they were spending more this V-day because the recession had put a strain on their relationship.

It seems despite the commercial pressure for us to lavish our loved ones with expensive gifts on Valentine’s Day, a new survey has revealed that all women really want is a humble hug.

If you were given the choice would you prefer a thoughtful, romantic gesture over a luxury gift of diamonds? Nine out of ten of us would according to the British Heart Foundation survey.

However, research from Travelodge shows that we are actually planning to spend even more this Valentine’s – in fact the most since 2008.

Why? Ironically 42% of men said they were spending more this V-day because the recession had put a strain on their relationship and they wanted to put a little extra investment into the big day.

“Many people, especially men, spend money to please or appease, when their partners would simply like to have more time, thought and appreciation from them,” explained relationship psychologist Corinne Sweet.

“It’s easy to click a button or flash a card to buy love, in comparison to spending some quality time together, cooking a meal, giving a massage or making a card. However, the personal touch, the little thoughtful gesture, is often more a sign of true love and commitment than extravagant, OTT romantic gestures.”

But how much is spent exactly depends on where in the country you live.

You’re a lucky lady if you live in Sheffield and can expect gifts worth more than 12 times as much from their partner as one in Aberdeen.

Aberystwyth and Liverpool are on the stingy spender list, while Chelmsford and York are amongst the top spending British cities.

The top spending British cities:

1. Sheffield – £63.03

2. York – £62.67

3. Chelmsford – £58.36

4. Cambridge – £53.33

5. Birmingham – £52.92

6. Leicester – £48.25

7. Belfast – £47.27

8. Newcastle – £43.77

9. Manchester – £42.60

10. Bristol – £41.67

The cities where men plan to spend the least:

1. Aberdeen – £5.00

2. Aberystwyth – £8.00

3. Swansea – £8.33

4. Liverpool – £12.50

5. Brighton & Hove – £17.81

6. Southampton – £18.57

7. Coventry – £20.00

8. Portsmouth – £26.43

9. Gloucester – £26.58

10. Norwich – £28.04


Just 1% of women thought lingerie was a romantic gift compared to 9% of men (though maybe their judgement is clouded by self-interest!)

5% thought doing the housework was the most romantic gesture they could make, while 10% believe cooking dinner is the way to a woman’s heart.

What do you think is the best gift for Valentine’s? And do you agree with the findings that British women are only planning to spend half of what men are on the most romantic day of the year?