Woman Gives Birth in 4 Minutes to 10lb Baby in Car


Sensing they weren’t going to reach the birth centre in time, husband Jon used his GoPro camera to record the amazing 4 minutes surrounding the birth of his third child, a baby boy.

The mother can be heard screaming ‘Oh my god, it’s coming’ as she unbuckles her seat belt and pulls her trousers down. A nerve wracking car ride for both parents as Lesia screams ‘Oh my god! the baby is out of me’.

In an emotional and amazing moment when you hear the baby scream, the husband can be heard in the background telling her to “hold him upside down and pat him on the booty”.

They can even be seen high fiving with the baby crying in the background.

Lesia Pettijohn, 22 ‘I was probably freaking out way more than I should have. But I really didn’t want to have him in the car. I was scared. I didn’t know if he’d be breathing OK or if he would need anything else,‘ Lesia told KTRK.

A wonderful video and we are so pleased mother and baby are happy and healthy. Little Josiah is already an internet sensation!