shredded chicken quesadillas

Meal plan – mix of Mexican

Now that the long days are here, it's the perfect to spend more time outdoors, walking, gardening and just enjoying life. My time in...
mini burgers

Meal plan – potato perfect

It was National Chip week  last week. And in celebration of the humble potato, (23rd August National Potato day is too far away) unusually...
mexican burger feature

Meal plan – quick cooking from scratch

There is so much in the news about carbs (sugar) and fat in our diets again. Did you have a chance to watch Sugar...

Meal plan – homemade dishes

This family meal plan doesn't have any processed food - even the tomato sauce is homemade. Also, if you prepare the fish fingers yourself...
meal planner week1

Meal planner week 1

Click to download our meal planner, packed full of family-friendly recipes!       The delicious recipes you'll find in this week's meal planner include: Meatballs Sesame Chicken Chickpea and...
family meal planner

July meal planner 4 – Child friendly meals

It’s funny how traditions change over the generations, when I was a child, we ate together as a family every night and we celebrated...

Meal plan – wholesome budget meals

We have included three wholesome budget meals in this weekly dinner menu. If you have any leftover vegetables at the end of the week,...
meal plan

Meal plan – Cooking from scratch

Were you shocked that the burger you may have eaten had horsemeat in them? Are you shocked that a housewife can save £66 on...

MyFamilyClub weekly meal planner

Click on the image below to download our seven-day meal planner, packed full of family-friendly recipes put together by the team at MyFamilyClub!
family eating a meal

July family meal planner 3 – lovely leftovers

Did you know that everyday we throw away money disguised as food waste, for example, in the UK, 4 million apples a day are...
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