Tips, recipes and planners for cheap and easy family meals

rasberry cheesecake

Raspberry or strawberry cheesecake

Take advantage of local grown strawberries or raspberries which are at their sweetest and cheapest in August to make this delicious dessert. Strawberries are...
lemon and parsley yoghurt dressing

Lemon and parsley yoghurt dressing

This simple dressing to serve with my ‘Dip in Dip out’ salad will use up yoghurt and lemons left over when purchased for the...
Carrot Cream Soup

Creamy carrot soup

        Serves 4-6 Ingredients 10 Good sized carrots, chopped (this also works well with pumpkin/butternut squash)1 Large onion, chopped2 Tablespoons olive oilHalf cup short grain rice (eg....


A lovely dessert to enjoy in the summer. Use up pineapples to make this pavlova and top with loads of fresh juicy strawberries. Delicious!     Serves:...
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