Tips, recipes and planners for cheap and easy family meals

lamb dinner

Easter lamb

The recipe has the option of adding spinach to the beans – if you do this then this recipe can be an entire meal...
vegetarian curry

Meal plan – balanced diet

As with every week, ensure that your family gets a healthy balance of all food groups at each dinner - my family share a...
Meal Planner Busy Parents LeadFeat

My Family Meal Planner For Busy Parents

If you're having a busy week these recipes will suit you perfectly as they're quick and easy to prepare. Frozen vegetables feature a lot and...
real family food challenge step 3

Real Family Food Challenge – Step 3

We've got through steps one and two of the Real Family Food Challenge in association with Sian’s Plan and we hope you're all enjoying...

Meal plan – healthy eating

There's no big secret to eating healthily - cut out processed foods, go wholesome, buy fresh food and only get in what you need....
october meal planner 4 - halloween

October meal plan 4 – Halloween special

Halloween is famous for the celebration of the afterlife which is why all things goulish appear in shops and homes this week. However would you...
meal plan home cooking feature

Meal plan – home cooking

Processed food and food waste have raised their ugly heads again this week, but it just means there’s no better time to get home cooking. ...
chocolate steam pudding

Chocolate steam pudding

A special treat, this lovely light chocolate steam pudding can be made in advance and then heated up again when you want.  Reheat the...
lentil and cheese burger

Lentil and cheese burgers

This is a delicious recipe I adapted from Avoca in Ireland. Originally made in a loaf, I...
teriyaki vegetable stir fry

Teriyaki vegetable stir fry and rice

The delicious and unique flavours of Teriyaki sauce originate from Japan, and have been westernised loosing some of its flavour. For a quick...
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