Tips, recipes and planners for cheap and easy family meals


Chicken pasta bake

This recipe can use up any left over pasta, tomato sauce and chicken or equally cooked from fresh. A quick and easy meal for...
Fish Pie

Fisherman’s pie and mash

One of my favourite meals of all times. A great money saving tip when making pies for the family is to make individual fisherman's...

Anything goes quesadilla

Keep a pack of flour tortillas handy with leftover veggies like sweet potato, butternut squash or carrots. Then hunt through the fridge and pull...
grated carrot

Cabbage and carrot side

Stir fried cabbage is more nutritious than boiled as it retains the Vitamin C. Adding grated carrots at the last minute creates a splash...
potato and leek soup

Leek and potato soup

This is a very simple soup to make the day before to save you time on Christmas day.         Serves: 4 Total time: 40 mins Ingredients 1 tablespoon butter 1...
homemade baked beans

Homemade baked beans

This healthy dish appeals to kids, especially if described as homemade baked beans or, better still, cowboy beans. The sauce is full of pureed...
devils tomato sauce

Devil’s tomato sauce

Add a few drops of tabasco to this delicious home made sauce. Any leftovers can be used on bread or rolls to make quick...
mexican mince recipe

Mexican mince

The tin of beans not only adds extra fibre and nutrition to this spicy Mexican dish, it also creates a creamy sauce. Choose to...
Cumberland Pie Lead Feat

MyFamilyClub Recipes – Cumberland Pie

The Cumberland Pie which has a breadcrumb topping is very similar to the Cottage Pie so is very easy eating for children, teenagers and...
fish and potato bake

Fish pie

There are as many recipes for fish pie as there are fish in the sea. This one has two unusual features – a crispy...
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