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Banking & insurance

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Switch banks

Quick switch and save: 7-day bank account switching

From today, switching your bank account should be far easier, faster and less stressful - with some bank account customers being told they could...
Applying for a loan - hand holding money

Things To Be Aware Of When Applying For Loans

Let’s be clear. There is no such thing as a blacklist or universal credit score rating in the UK. Its just one of the...

Why it’s important to make a will

If you’re reading this it probably means that you haven’t made your will yet. You’re not alone! At least 50% of the adult population...
insurance scrabble

Life insurance basics

It can be hard keeping up with the pace of life in the present, without dwelling on the “what if…” scenarios. But some planning...
Smiling little boy, mother in background

Your guide to insuring school costs

School fees and costs can add up, and if something were to happen to you or your partner, an education cover insurance policy can...
credit card blocks

How to use credit cards

Few of us have survived having a family without being stung by bank charges at some point. But there are ways to use...
credit card charges

Credit card charges and how to avoid them

Credit card charges often catch us unprepared. Make sure you save money by avoiding a lot of expensive credit card booby traps in the...
payday loan

Are you ready to pay 4000% APR?

You might think it would be hard to borrow money these days, what with all this talk of market meltdown and debt disaster. But...
Cedit card rewards

How to get rid of your overdraft

Recent figures suggest that more than a third of cash-strapped Britons have used their current account overdraft facilities in the last 12 months –...

5 things to know about car insurance after a collision

When you have a collision in your vehicle, you naturally assume you are fully protected and that your insurer will take care of everything...
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