Family budgeting

Family budgeting

Practical tips on budgeting, cutting costs in the home and managing your finances

laughing women at home party

Five steps to an affordable social life

If you’re a parent on a budget, you may feel your social life is a luxury of the past.  But with a little creative...
budget letters over coins

Your 30 minute budget makeover

If you’re a new mum or dad, you’ve probably not had a chance to sit down - let alone develop a household budgeting plan....
family budget calculations

How to set up a family budget plan

Obviously none of us know what lies around the corner, but drawing up a proper budget can really help to strengthen your financial security. The...
three children sitting around open piggy bank

Pocket money: teaching kids the value of money

It’s a thorny subject in some households and lucky is the parent who has never heard the words: “but Jonnie in my class gets...
tuition fees

Your guide to university fees, loans and grants

Confused about the increase in university fees? You’re not alone; a recent survey from YouGov finds 33% of parents with kids aged 13-21 have...
budgeting for christmas

Budgeting for Christmas

It’s that time of year when Christmas is on the horizon and everyone is starting to think about presents, holiday plans and arranging to...
spring clean your finances

How To Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your business' finances. Here’s how to make a little go a long way, and put your...
household bills

How to cut costs on household bills

Energy bills can take a huge chunk out of the household budget, but here are a few tips to help bring them down. 1....
Learning the value of money

Teach your kids money values

Worried your kids think money grows on trees? Confused about giving pocket money? Here’s how to teach your children financial sense… Set an example Research has...
My Money Week

It’s My Money Week!

This week is the fifth annual My Money Week, which is all about teaching kids about how to be savvy with their money. MyFamilyClub...
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