Family budgeting

Family budgeting

Practical tips on budgeting, cutting costs in the home and managing your finances

impact on families

Budget 2012: Impact on family earning £68K

Chancellor George Osborne has released his Budget 2012 and this is an at-a-glance breakdown of how it could impact a typical family with a...
how to deal with debt

How to get out of debt

If you’re feeling anxious and stressed about your finances, you’re not alone. Last year, YouGov conducted a survey on behalf of the IFP and...
family budget calculations

How to set up a family budget plan

Obviously none of us know what lies around the corner, but drawing up a proper budget can really help to strengthen your financial security. The...
expenses calculator

Ten steps to getting your finances back on track

Many of us are struggling to repay debts and look after our families at the moment, let alone save for the future. But there...
three children sitting around open piggy bank

Pocket money: teaching kids the value of money

It’s a thorny subject in some households and lucky is the parent who has never heard the words: “but Jonnie in my class gets...
new year resolution

The best financial New Year’s Resolution that you can make

A brand new year is a fantastic time to make some long lasting changes to your finances. However, the problem with financial planning is that...
saving the pennies

Top 10 financial resolutions for 2012

January’s long dark nights make this month the perfect time to sort out your finances, and there’s never been a better time to make...
money gift

How to give money as Christmas gifts

Gifts of money are great if you are stuck for ideas and time. And more than half of us are planning to put a...
household budget

My Home Ltd

In many respects, running a household is the same as running a business.  Money comes in, money goes out, and at the end of...
Learning the value of money

Teach your kids money values

Worried your kids think money grows on trees? Confused about giving pocket money? Here’s how to teach your children financial sense… Set an example Research has...
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