Home & bills

Home & bills

How to get the best deals or cut costs on your utilites, mortgage and car

free water saving devices

Top 10 free water saving devices

Stop pouring money down the drain! Here are a bunch of free devices to help you save both water and cash. Related articles How to cut...
diy tips

10 ways to save on DIY – your top tips

The days of getting someone in to do all those jobs around the house are over, with more and more of us tackling even...
save by selling your house online

Save thousands and sell your house online

Is it time to axe the traditional estate agent? Selling your house online is now easier than ever – and it can save you...
how to save on water

How to cut your water bill

The average household's water bill has soared to over £370. Don't let your money go down the drain - save both water and money...
reduce bills

How can I save money and reduce bills?

When making the big leap from being an employee to become self-employed I knew there were sacrifices to make. The main one was cutting costs:...
keep warm this winter

How to keep warm this winter without higher bills

With freezing temperatures, a blanket of snow covering the country and more on the way, keeping ourselves toasty is top priority. But aside from...
what is the green deal

What is the Green Deal?

The Green Deal is a new way to cut energy bills and make your home more energy efficient - at no upfront cost. Is...
WaterSure Grant

WaterSure and other help to pay your water bill

Need help paying your water bill? You may qualify for a WaterSure grant. There are also other ways water companies can cut your costs. If...
reduce your electricity bill

How to reduce your electricity bill

If your electricity bill is beyond a joke, follow these 10 simple steps and you'll soon be saving both energy and cash. It's perfectly...
ways to save money at home

Infographic: 6 ways to save money at home

Do you dread the monthly utility bills landing on the doorstep or eating away at the bank balance? Our homes can be the most...
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