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How to get the best deals or cut costs on your utilites, mortgage and car


Mortgage Guide – When To Make Changes

Mortgages are a complicated subject. Most of us stick with the one we’ve got because it’s easier. But in actual fact, making changes to...
savings on gas and electricity

Six tips to get cheaper gas and electricity

Here are six tips to help you choose the right energy tariff, at the right time, and pay less for it - so...
energy saving lightbulb

The easy guide to switching providers

You know you don’t owe any sort of allegiance to your utility provider, but you just can’t face the sales calls from competitors offering...
fuel prices

Budget 2012: Misery for millions of motorists

When you need a car to take the kids safely to school, drive to work and ferry the family around, it can be hard...
flood insurance claim

Hit by the UK floods? Top tips on making a flood insurance claim

According to the Environment Agency, one in six homes in England is at risk of flooding. With the typical flood insurance claim being between...
WaterSure Grant

WaterSure and other help to pay your water bill

Need help paying your water bill? You may qualify for a WaterSure grant. There are also other ways water companies can cut your costs. If...
free home insualtion

Cut your energy bill by getting FREE home insulation

The annual round of energy price hikes have started alongside mixed messages from the government over how to deal with the issue, leaving...

BT broadband packages: Best deals and offers

As a family we all like to feel connected wherever we are. But what if we could connect without the huge price tag? MyFamilyClub...
Save Money On Energy Bills LeadFeat1

10 Tips For Saving on Your Energy Bills at Home

Energy bills are the bane of household budgets. After food, they are the thing that British households spend the most on – with the...
Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis Asks Are You Better Off Overpaying Your Mortgage?

Do you have a mortgage and savings? If so, it’s almost certain this is the moment to change strategy. Saving rates are dire and...
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