Money saving tips

Money saving tips

The best money saving tips to help you hold on to more of your cash. Don't miss out - find out how to save more money today!

fuel prices

How to pay less for petrol

The cost of petrol just keeps on rising - and these days the school run can be as costly as the weekly food bill. The...
top tip from the Budget and child benefit

How to hold on to your child benefit

More than one million families are set to lose some or all of their child benefit after changes announced in the budget. At the moment,...
Octer half term costs

Redundancy insurance or illness protection?

If money were no object, I would think it fair to assume that we would all have insurance coming out of our ears –...
joint life insurance

Why joint life insurance isn’t better than individual insurance policies

When taking out life insurance to cover our mortgage or protect our family, most couples sign up for ‘Joint Life’ policies. But is this...
loyalty points samaira

Samaira’s money saving tip: loyalty points

This week’s money saving tip comes from Samaira, who tells us how to save with loyalty points on your shopping. Loyalty card savings “I do...

MyFamilyPack – delivering you a great big hug (in a box, not a mug!)

I loved this advert when it first came out and oh how I wished I could get a pair of those big, blue, fluffy...
cut travel costs

How to get train deals, coach bargains and cheaper petrol

Discover how you can cut your travel costs – whether you’re travelling by car, coach or train! Cut the cost of travelling by car Find the...
wall of coins saving

How to beat inflation with the right savings account

Savers suffer when inflation runs high, so there was some relief when the rate of inflation slowed to 3.6% last month, down from 4.2%...
How to avoid stamp duty

How to avoid stamp duty

Is now a good time to buy your first home? Well, it could be perfect timing if you want to save money on stamp...
top websites to save you money feature

Top 10 money saving websites

With the long wait for that January pay packet, money is tight and many of us are looking for ways to save cash. So...
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