Money saving tips

Money saving tips

The best money saving tips to help you hold on to more of your cash. Don't miss out - find out how to save more money today!

interest only mortgages

Interest only mortgages: Why they won’t save you money

Lenders are cracking down on interest only mortgages. Santander, for example, now demands a 50% deposit if you want to take out an interest-only...
family holiday savings

How to save for your holiday

It suddenly feels as if summer is nearly upon us.  If you’re taking a summer holiday this year, you probably have around four months...
family in the park

How to save £100 in tax with the right cash ISA

If you have money in an ordinary savings account, you might want to consider switching your spare cash into an ISA, as you could...
top tip from the Budget and child benefit

How to hold on to your child benefit

More than one million families are set to lose some or all of their child benefit after changes announced in the budget. At the moment,...
MyFamilyClub case study

Stocks & Shares ISAs: when to invest

There is nothing like an impending event to whip up an advertising frenzy.  As we approach the end of the tax year, the investment...
fuel prices

How to pay less for petrol

The cost of petrol just keeps on rising - and these days the school run can be as costly as the weekly food bill. The...
tax and benefit changes

How to protect your family with 26p a day

Frustratingly, the less that you can afford life insurance, the more that you need it.  Many people in the UK are living ‘hand to...
quit smoking

How to save £4K by not smoking

It’s No Smoking Day on 14 March – and that’s as good a time as any to kick the habit. You will not only be...

It’s time to change your ISA!

Most people know that they cannot pay money into more than one Cash ISA at the same time. The same rule applies to a...
How to avoid stamp duty

How to avoid stamp duty

Is now a good time to buy your first home? Well, it could be perfect timing if you want to save money on stamp...
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