Savvy shopping

Savvy shopping

Tips on getting the most for your cash on the high street

christmas shopping made easy for dads

Christmas shopping made easy for dads

Dads, don’t make the mistake of leaving it until 4.30pm on Christmas Eve to hit your local department store in search of desirable gifts...
Teanagers socialising

How to handle your teenager’s shopping needs

Driven by clever advertising campaigns and a need to fit in with their friends, young people are often desperate to wear the latest designer...
Pregnant funky woman

Affordable maternity fashion

Staying stylish during pregnancy can be an expensive business. It’s not always the time you feel at your sexiest either, but just because you’ve...
green online shopping cart key on keyboard

Online food shopping to make savings

Food has shot up in price recently. We’ve all felt it. But doing the food shop online can be a real money (and...
fresh fruit stall

Food shopping alternatives

Food shopping is usually a chore. It’s time-consuming, expensive, and boring for everyone involved! But there are alternative ways to shop that are also...
yellow stars on blue background

‘Experience’ presents; personal and inexpensive

Forget the high street! Take inspiration from these ‘experience’ gifts, which can be organised online from the comfort of your own home or even...
woman holding carrot

How to get haggling!

Haggling can be a great money-saver – whether you’re looking for a discount on holiday souvenirs or a house extension. But when is it...
trolley in supermarket on pale blurry background

Watch out for this supermarket wheeze

I’ve often wondered whether my favourite food items are getting smaller. When I was a child, chocolate bars seemed enormous and a bag...
helpful tips

Five quick tips for shopping online

Every month, more of us are turning to shopping online rather than braving the high street. You can now buy pretty much anything over...
root vegetables

Shop local, save money

Food shopping is a huge part of family life. It takes time, effort – and increasing amounts of money. Relieve some of that burden...
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