Savvy shopping

Savvy shopping

Tips on getting the most for your cash on the high street

root vegetables

Shop local, save money

Food shopping is a huge part of family life. It takes time, effort – and increasing amounts of money. Relieve some of that burden...
free software

Free software

Find the best free software - from free antivirus software to free word processors. Our top picks of the best free software: 1. Free anti-virus software AVG...

How to save on school supplies

Kids need new school supplies? They can cost hundreds of pounds once you’ve included shoes, blazers and sports kits. But don’t fret – there...
shopping trolley with bread sticks in it

Ten ways to slash your supermarket bill

We’d all like to shop locally and grow our own fruit and vegetables. However, when it comes to convenience and ‘one stop shopping’, supermarkets...
baby in carseat

Budget baby buys

There are lots of cost-effective ways to get hold of all the basic equipment you need for your baby. Make sure your newborn doesn’t...
supermarket shopping

How to get the best deals on your food

Looking for ways to cut the cost of your food shop? We consider some alternatives. 1. Discount supermarkets Do your main shop at discount stores. ...
sewing cushion with pins

Affordable fashion – get creative on a budget

Bored with the same old clothes but lacking the funds for a wardrobe revamp? Trying to be fashionable on a budget? Tricky isn’t it?...
kids playing dress-up

Swishing parties: swapping’s the new shopping!

Swishing parties are excellent ways to shop without spending. They’ll enable you to declutter and socialise too. They are also eco-fabulous and you don’t...
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