Make & do

Make & do

Free activity and craft ideas to keep the kids busy

Ways tosave water around the home

How to make a watering can

Watering cans tend to be rather big and they become especially heavy for little ones when full of water! So, what better way to...
How to make a sundial

How to make a sundial

It may seem a bit old fashioned, but teaching your children how to make a sundial is a fun and educational activity and they...

How to make a pet rock

Creating a pet rock is an easy and fun activity for the kids. Painting the rocks they find is a lovely thing to do...
daisy chains

How to make a daisy chain

Sometimes we forget the old traditions of long ago summer days that bought us so much fun. Do you remember placing a buttercup under your...
How to press flowers

How to press flowers

Children love pressing flowers, but also the walk in the park or garden to pick them, pressing them and making craft with them. Here's...
may day basket

Make & do: May Day basket

One of the oldest May Day traditions is to hang a basket with flowers or other small gifts on a neighbour's doorknob. The trick is...
st george's day

Make & do: St George’s Day

St .George's Day is celebrated on 23 April and St. George is the patron saint of England. He was a brave Roman soldier who...

Make & do: Hana Matsuri

In Japan, Buddha’s birthday – Hana Matsuri, or ‘Flower Festival’ is celebrated every year on 8 April. Many people go to temples to bring...
marbled egg

Make & do: Marbled egg

For coloured Easter eggs with a cool marbled effect, all you need is: Hard boiled eggs, food colouring, white vinegar, cooking oil, coffee mugs, paper...
april showers

Make & do: April showers

It’s true that April showers can last for hours and a rain splattered spring always mixes in with the sunshine. Why not make classic poetry...
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