Make & do

Make & do

Free activity and craft ideas to keep the kids busy

mural painting

Make & do: Mural painting

As a family we make HUGE seasonal scenes filled with things that we adore. Everyone does a little piece for the picture and it...
april fool

Make & do: April Fool’s Day

Celebrated on 1 April only up till lunchtime, this is your child’s big chance to become a practical joker. Here are some tricks to...
make and do gardening

Make & do: Gardening

There is something about planting that can fill you with hope, excitement and joy. Children love to grow things. Whether you get a little...

Make & do: feeding the ducks

We grownups have seen the wonders of spring many times, so we sometimes forget how enchanting the simple things are when seen for the...
Make & do: daffodils from paper cases

Make & do: Daffodils

All you need to make your own daffodils are some green straws, some yellow construction paper and some white or yellow paper cake cases....
easter bonnet

Make & do: Easter Bonnet

You simply need a straw bonnet with a ribbon to wrap around it. It can be decorated in host of ways. Little eggs can be...
simnel cake

Make & do: Simnel cake

This is a light fruit cake, similar to a Christmas cake eaten around Easter time. It used to be made for Mother's day by...
sponge painted eggs

Make & do: Sponge painted eggs

A perfect Easter table decoration, make this with your kids. All you need is: Hard boiled eggs Paints Small sponge pieces Egg box Green tissue...
weather forecast

Make & do: Weather forecast

It’s lots of fun to keep track of the weather during spring as it changes all the time. Keeping a daily record will help...

Make & do: Shamrock print

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated each year on 17 March.  St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. His feast day is celebrated around...
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